Overseas cost structures and flexibility make it easier than ever to expand your team, and realize an order of magnitude less expense versus onshore.


As an American business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative press over large-scale outsourcing to foreign countries (more accurately known as “offshoring”).   I always hate hearing about whole departments being let go, and replaced by workers in X-county.  It’s important to remember that this type of outsourcing is not the only type, nor is it the most common.


The reality of a globally-connected world (via the internet)

Globally Connected

In this day and age, almost anyone of any circumstance has the capability to learn Python, administer a database, and get some free web hosting.  So, is there any reason that person cannot be more passionate and skilled than someone making 100x more money than them?  Welcome to modern times.


The value of native language and culture

Many of us in the developed world have had the experience of calling a credit card company or vendor, only to end up speaking to someone with a very thick accent who has never even been to our country.  If it was a frustrating experience, we already know why it sucks. It can be much easier if the other person has a shared cultural background.


But, how much does it matter?  It depends on each unique circumstance.  If the person is converting a PSD file to make an HTML mockup, who cares about their accent or cultural understanding?  If our in-house web developer can augment their abilities with an offshore designer, everyone wins!  This is especially true if a company cannot afford both an in-house developer and designer.


The opportunity of lower cost

In one way or another, Mobile phone now replaces all these devicescost is the most common barrier to entry for businesses.  The most profound example of this is computing, and the ongoing dramatic cost reduction.

We’re in the midst of seeing the same thing happen with space industry. You no longer have to be a superpower nation to access space… just make a bunch of money from starting PayPal, Virgin, or Amazon. Lowering cost increases opportunity for everyone trying to enter a field.

Instead of trying to afford a $110,000/year developer, it’s far easier to afford a $11,000/year developer.These cost structures can also expand teams, save teams from being eliminated, or save entire companies from going out of business.

Take advantage of the modern-day lower cost offshoring opportunity.  AppLite supports this type of offshoring/outsourcing.  Contact us today and we can talk discuss your unique needs.


Special Considerations

Prior to hiring any offshore resources through us or on your own, you should discuss the following details. Mutual agreement will prevent future surprises.

  • Local versus their country’s national holidays.
  • Common work hours.
  • Payment of international transfer/conversion fees.
  • Methods of contact.
  • Potential causes of downtime. For example, parts of the world experience electricity outages with no notice. How often does it happen?  How long does it usually take to resume?
  • Sound/video quality. If the person is customer-facing, you probably don’t want roosters making noise in the background (seriously).
  • Payment terms.
  • Performance tracking, and review.

Communications - Speak into the can
Can you hear me now?


What’s the downside?

We have had a lot of experience with remote offshore staff, and can sum it up easily: Offshore/outsourced work does not greatly differ from onshore work.  Offshore people are humans too, capable of the same good and bad traits.
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Things like remote work, cultural similarity, accents, etc. are all organizational preference issues and are different from accomplishing the actual work.


The modern world’s globally-connected talent pool can help your business get to the next level. We can help you get there.