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We help you build your online presence from start to finish.  We learn about your needs, and implement the rest.

Check out the different facets involved with websites, below.


An appealing design that matches your needs and your target audience.  Our designers can work with you to integrate existing designs or create brand new designs to your specifications.


Contact forms, appointments, E-commerce... putting your business processes online can help you reduce time spent on manual tasks.  In some cases, we can completely automate these processes for further efficiency.

Search Engine Optimization

Every step of our process considers best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This specialty is constantly changing so we keep up with the latest guidelines from the major search engines.


Once your site is finished, we're still here for any future needs.  We can enable content updates on your own, or do it for you.  New features and integrations?  No problem.

Hosting and Domain names

We can host your website in a managed solution (we do software updates for you).  We also help you with any issues concerning domain name registration.

Value-Added Services

Your website can be integrated with other services like: Digital marketing, mobile apps, and data integrations.

AppLite - Process - Website or App Design and development


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