Pagination in PHP and MySQL

Pagination in PHP and MySQL Pagination is one of the common features of any site that displays many rows of ...
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Which words should I pick?

5 SEO Mistakes You’re Most Likely Guilty Of

You think they’re no big deal but they may actually be hurting your rankings. Check out our list of common ...
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Instagram Algorithm - AgentMdotCom - Suggestions 1

The Truth Behind Instagram Algorithm and How to Win It

The game has changed since Instagram launched its all-new algorithm-based news feed in 2016. Instead of simply showing the latest ...
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Top Level Domains - AppLite, LLC.

How To Choose A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is an important and sometimes frustrating task for any organization.  It’s the first impression of your ...
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Website or App from AppLite

Technical SEO – The Server-Side Optimizations

The majority of SEO services focus on content creation, content modification, social media engagement, site submission, or “black hat” techniques ...
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HTTPS/SSL Why should I use SSL?

Why Should I Care About HTTPS? (aka SSL)

HTTPS has numerous benefits for your website. Learn why you should use it immediately to gain visitor trust and possibly ...
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AppLite - Domain name switching

Changing Domain Names While Keeping Search Rankings

Changing your company’s domain name should be a rare occurrence, but we can teach you how to do it without ...
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Staff Augmentation Outsourcing

Overseas cost structures and flexibility make it easier than ever to expand your team, and realize an order of magnitude ...
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Jetsetter Jobs and AppLite acquired by AppLite, LLC.

November 30th, 2017 LONDON, UK – AppLite, LLC. acquires travel jobs website Established in 2015, is the first ...
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